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Villa Roca Boutique Resort

Nº1 Gay L G B T I Q Boutique Resort of all Costa Rica

About The Owner

Villa Roca: New Administration 2019

   In June  of 2019, Hotel Villa Roca’s founder and owners Armin and Jorn decided after 20 magnificent years of building one of the best known Gay-LGBTIQ Resort’s in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica and in all of Central America, it was time to retire and let a new generation take care of this Boutique Resort.
This new administration brings decades of experience in the Hotel & B&B industry; bringing with it a very bright & fruitful future for HVR or Villa Roca Boutique Resort.

 JMM (Owner & General Manager/Administrator) from the US has established himself in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica since May of 2019 and is ecstatic about giving Villa Roca a new face with extravagant amenities, spectacular social events & parties with themes reflecting the new decade ahead, and improvements that will mirror many similar hot spring pools & lagoons found around Costa Rica. We believe all of the above will have a very positive impact to recurrent and new clients from all over the world, & especially our Ticos & Ticas!

  The new owner assures that your Gay-LGBTIQ, Swinngers, The Curious, Striaght and etc., resort at Hote Villa Roca / Villa Roca Boutique Resort, with views for miles in every direction; not only continues to be one of the best places to stay for the LGBTIQ community & others, reflects it’s (5 Star) worthy resort rating that Google & many other worthy Travel Sites rated this establishment. Taking HVR from (3) Stars to (5) stars in under two years including a World Wide Pandemic for more then half my tenor (Owner & General Manager, JMM’s) feelings are based on the reflection of our amazing Staff, all new electrical through out the resort, amenities galore ; attention to details pertaining to our daily landscaping, ambient colored LED lighting at night, new teak wood railings that are under lit & infront of our amazing infinity pool with high end spa next to it, 3 new spas in total, (2) of them are in the ( La Roca & The Enchanted Forest), a new & completley renovated Bar, plus our Luxury Villa (La Villa’s) main social area was renavated to bring new positive vibes encompassing it’s uphoric ambiance as a result of removing an old gigantic book shelf with scary books & replacing it with a deming switch with two lights, exotic faux plants, grey & black river rocks,covered with sea shells, and a mixture of indigenous masks native to southern Costa Rica, & painting on consignment. 

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Located across from Costa Rica Luxury Real Estate Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica • www.VillaRoca.com • +506 2777-1349

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