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With our Sustainable Tourism Program, all of our guests may rest assured that our business is taking all possible action to eliminate or reduce
the negative impacts of tourism on the local environment and society.

To this effect, four fundamental aspects are evaluated:

1. Physical-Biological Parameters:
The interaction between the hotel and its surrounding natural habitat.

2. Infrastructure and Services:
Our management policies and the operational system within our hotel.

3. Our Clients:
We invite our guests to take an active role in minimizing their impact on the inviroment and contribute our sustainability goals.

4. Socio-Economic-Environment:
We work closely with the local community to provide opportunities for economic advancement by purchasing locally, working with small businesses and
hiring people from the local community.



Our efforts to promote sustainable tourism in Hotel Villa Roca:

  1. To save water and electricity we encourage our guests and employees to turn off water, lights and air conditioners when their use is not necessary.
  2. For the same reason, we implement specific programs to change towels and bed sheets less frequently.
  3. Furthermore, we use new technologies to reduce energy consumption.
  4. For water heating we partially use alternative energy sources.
  5. We maintain strict regular monitoring of our wastewater.
  6. We operate a system of sewage treatment to prevent the use of national water. We have an advanced biological treatment plant which purifies the waste water in several independent phases. This treatment plant has state-of-the-art technology in all aspects to meet the stringent standards and laws of the “Reglamento de vertido Reuso y de aguas residuales, 1997, Decreto Ejecutivo 26042-S-MINAE”.
  7. Rainwater is funneled and disposed of through a system which has a negative impact of the environment.
  8. Noise generating machinery are turned off or isolated in order to guarantee maximum serenity and low environmental impact.
  9. For our breakfast service, we minimize the use of disposable products like plastic utensils and paper plates, aluminum and other non-biodegradable packaging materials.
  10. We serve fresh local products whenever possible such as coffee, marmalade, bread, fruits, rice, eggs, milk, juices, etc.
  11. The vegetation in the garden is labeled and represents most of the natural flora of the region.
  12. The animals naturally found on our property are not fed or altered in any way.
  13. All our washing and cleaning products are anti-allergic, biodegradable and certified by our suppliers. Furthermore, for our guests we offer biodegradable soap, shampoo and shower gel for free. Made in Costa Rica with 100% vegan products. We do not use fabric softener for our laundry.
  14. We use different sorting containers for recycling of garbage.
    We recycle aluminum, plastic, glass and paper and we participate in a community recycling program in which most of our wastes are properly recycled.
  15. The drinking straws we use in our bar are made of paper and not plastic.
  16. We have our own composting facility which allows us to naturally fertilize our garden.
  17. For the comfort and health of our guests we handle on our property a very efficient and environmentally friendly pest management. As a result, we can, among other things, restrict the number of possible mosquitoes to an absolute minimum.
  18. We report any pollution source around the facility to the proper authorities.
  19. We do not hire undocumented workers and we do not pay below the minimum legal requirements.
  20. We have specific programs with reduced rates to promote domestic tourism.
  21. We participate in the development of local groups and make financial contributions to various social organizations.
  22. Hotel Villa Roca, the first and only owner (August 2018) of an all-electric automobile with zero-emissions of CO2 in Quepos, Manuel Antonio.

Your feedback is very important to us, therefore we welcome questions and suggestions.

Thank you very much.
Hotel Villa Roca Staff

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